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Freedom in motion: the state of open video and audio at Wikimedia
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Brion Vibber
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User:Brion VIBBER
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Wikimedia projects have held firm to the use of open, non-patent-encumbered Ogg and WebM file formats for audio and video content. I will explore some of the benefits and limitations of this policy on the landscape of media playback and contribution, and how things are going to get better for users in the future.

Seamless playback for all:

  • State of native WebM (VP8/VP9) on the web and mobile: "Where do we already work? Where will we work better soon?"
  • ogv.js, providing JavaScript or Flash-based playback of Ogg Theora and Vorbis media files for Safari and Internet Explorer
  • VLC player integration on iOS, or possible alternatives: "Legal said WHAT now?"

Making media contribution easier:

  • How do you make an Ogg or WebM anyway? "Doing it the hard way."
  • Presentation of on-web & mobile recording/upload experiments: "Doing it the slow way."
  • Plans for cross-converting media uploaded via other sites: "Doing it the outsourced way."

Beyond uploading clips:

  • State of on-wiki subtitling
  • Possibilities in collaborative editing and generation of video
  • Other potential media types: animated SVG, 3d models, and more
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30 minutes
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File:Video and audio playback in a patented world.pdf
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