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Wikisource technical infrastructure: what we have done and what we could do?
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Tpt and Rtdwivedi
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Tpt and Rtdwivedi
Tpt and Rtdwivedi
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France and India
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Since the creation of the Proofread Page extension by ThomasV in 2007, the Wikisource community is used to improve its technical infrastructure in order to help the creation of "the free library that anyone can improve". In the past two years, important works have been done by volunteers contributors, like the creation of Wsexport (an ePub export tool that fits Wikisource needs) or diverse tools to upload book scans to Wikimedia Commons. Some others have been done with the help of the Google Summer of Code, like a strong refactoring of the ProofreadPage extension and the creation of the BookManager extension. This presentation will summary what have been done and close with a short presentation of current and possible future projects.

Topic covered will include:

  • Past projects: Wsexport, the refactoring of the ProofreadPage extension and its new Page: pages edit interface, Wikidata integration with the creation of the "other projects" sidebar and the creation of a tool to upload Internet Archive files to Wikimedia Commons
  • Current work: creation of the BookManager extension.
  • Possible future projects: Adaptation of the VisualEditor to Wikisource needs, creation of a tool to import scans from various repositories like Google Books to InternetArchive as a first step before upload to Wikimedia commons…

  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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15 minutes (including 5 minutes of questions)
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Yes (Tpt)
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