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Wikipedia on citizen emancipation
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Lionel Scheepmans
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Lionel Scheepmans
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Wikimedia Belgium
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Humanity is in crisis, and as the saying philosopher Frédéric Guillaud : "Modernity is not in crisis, it is a crisis : the crisis of adolescence of humanity" (Guillaud 2005). Faced with this crisis, citizens can not remain spectators of reduced quality of life on earth or the inability of leaders of the worlds to cope with this situation. The transition to adulthood of our humanity is delayed and will only be possible through citizen emancipation. By definition, this emancipation is based on three fundamental conditions. The first is the end of the political control exercised by the class leaders. The second is the end of economic constraints as conditions of existence, recognition and human dignity. The third is the citizen access to a direct active and responsible statute in building rules that allow the improvement and maintenance of quality of life on earth. The citizen emancipation is an ongoing process and Wikimedia world is certainly one those places where citizen emancipation can become a reality.
  • Frédéric Guillaud, La modernité : crise d'adolescence de l'humanité ?, vol. n° 25, 2005 (ISSN 1283-7091) [lire en ligne], p. 77–88
WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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Presentation inspireted by these reserches : Culture fr.wikipedia and Une émancipation citoyenne.
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