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Wikipedia Education Collaborative Panel
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(Leigh) Thelmadatter
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Wikipedia Education Cooperative
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  • Shani Evenstein - Israel
  • Toni Sant - UK
  • Floor Koudijs - WMF
  • LiAnna Davis - Wiki Ed Foundation
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Since 2006, education initiatives have occurred at various times in the Wikimedia movement, from early efforts in Serbia, to Foundation sponsored initiatives in the United States, India, Brazil and the Middle East and chapter-based programs. All of these efforts have seen their share of successes and challenges and the need has become apparent for an easier and more systematic way to share experiences and knowledge.

In March 2014, representatives from education initiatives and the Global Education Team from the Foundation met to begin a process of refocusing Wikipedia in Education. The fourteen attendees were from various parts of the globe including Nepal, the U.S., Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Israel, the U.K., Serbia, Canada, the Arab World and Mexico. The goal was to bring together the experience of varied efforts related to having students and educators collaborate with Wikipedia and brainstorm how best to expand efforts.

The result is the creation of a cooperative dedicated to identifying and supporting the over 60 education initiatives now going on in the Wikimedia community. The purpose of this panel presentation is to report our activities and progress to the wider community as well as solicit feedback from the same as to the future of education activities. Areas of focus include communications, global recognition for programs and participants, resources and mentoring, with action items including a revamp of the education portal on outreach wiki, a unified newsletter, interviews of program leaders to determine needs for mentoring programs, and a survey of the education community to help define a means of giving education programs greater recognition. The panel will consist of five representatives from the cooperative to present a wide range of views from the global to those with boots on the ground.

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60 minutes
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The five on the panel will partially depend on who is able to attend Wikimania of the 18 members
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