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Wiki Loves Capitol Hill
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Wikimedia DC
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diffusion of knowledge is inherently political. in the wake of the SOPA blackout, there must be a continuing conversation with the existing political process.

one of the lessons learned from blackout is that members of congress are the older generation. we need to explain the internet to them. they may be unaware or do not care about our open knowledge mission. they may be unaware of the good works we are doing with GLAMs and Wikipedia Zero. they may be only hearing the voices of the paid lobbyists, with pecuniary interests.

a group of members of Wikimedia DC went to Capitol Hill to brief staff of members of Congress about concerns of the community. the briefing agenda consisted of 4 main points: What is wikipedia?; What is open source?; What is copyright, and how does this interact with public domain?; Wikipedia & GLAM

more importantly, we wanted to take the pulse of Congress to find out about pending public policy. we need to brief the community on the views of Congress.

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30 minutes
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Commons:File:Wiki Loves Capitol Hill (2).pdf with light edits to agenda
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