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Wiki, Wikipedia and Flipped Classroom
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Discussion / Presentation
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Hong Kong
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Department of Management and Marketing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Flipped Classroom has been a major topic in educational research, which ask students to study at home first and do the assignment in the classroom, unlike the traditional teaching approaches. While it is said that flipped classroom can enhance learning performance, it is also said that flipped classroom has quite a number of drawbacks, and the positive impact of flipped classroom is not as high as expected. [1].

This presentation-discussion is to investigate the application of Wiki and Wikipedia in Flipped Classroom approach. For example, Wiki is of low technology barrier[2] , supportive of rapid generation of teaching material with the Wiki-based Authoring by Rapid Prototyping Approach, altogether with automatic draft generation.[3]. Besides, Wiki can also help accumulating the experience of teachers, and frequently-asked questions from the students, thus teachers can teach better.

Presentation outline:

  1. Introduction of flipped education
  2. Critics on flipped education
  3. Possible direction of using wiki to resolve the potential issues.
  4. Discussion

The main purpose of this presentation-discussion is to use wiki to solve the potential issues of flipped classroom approach, as well as finding possible further development direction.

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30 minutes
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Depending on the scholarship applications.
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I would request the following aid,

  1. Computer, connected with a projector for the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Assistance in printing handout for distribution is ideal but not compulsory.
  3. A4 Paper and Stationery for participants to give their feedback is ideal but not compulsory.


  1. Nielsen, L. (2012). Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: Five Reasons I'm Not Flipping Over The Flipped Classroom. Retrieved February 18, 2014 from
  2. Raitman, Ruth, Naomi Augar, and Wanlei Zhou. "Employing wikis for online collaboration in the e-learning environment: Case study." Information Technology and Applications, 2005. ICITA 2005. Third International Conference on. Vol. 2. IEEE, 2005.
  3. Shih, W. C., Tseng, S. S., & Yang, C. T. (2008). Wiki-based rapid prototyping for teaching-material design in e-Learning grids. Computers & Education, 51(3), 1037-1057.

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