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After careful consideration, the Programme Committee has decided not to accept the below submission at this time. Thank you to the author(s) for participating in the Wikimania 2014 programme submission, we hope to still see you at Wikimania this August.

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What you don't see is wrong with Wikipedia because you can see
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Carol can comment on some of the difficulties that Wikipedia presents to visually impaired people from her own experience. What do we do right, what could we easily change, how do we make Wikipedia and other projects more accessible to millions of viually impaired people.

Visually impaired I often use screen reading software to access the internet and signing a recent document on wiki using a screen reader only this is what I heard

Star hash open bracket open bracket user colon carolcampbell close bracket carolcampbell close bracket close bracket 

My reader then proceeded to read the rest of the names out in the same format – can you imagine not only listening to that but also how unhelpful it is?

Not everyone uses a computer by just looking at the screen and you don’t see WIKI sites with the standard disability access features such as buttons to change text size and colour or tags attached to pictures to describe them.

By making a website suitable for the visually impaired you may also help

- people with dyslexia type problems

- people with epilepsy

- those who use voice activated software

and of course those of us who are just getting older

I want to look at

What is good about Wikipedia

For example I really appreciate the accuracy of the page search, the links to related pages, and that a lot of pages are very straightforward.

What can be easily changed for example the use of alt text, page formatting, moving to a text only version of the page

and finally to comment on the potential project that WMUK is starting to support pan disability access.

This will include

Development of tools to add to pages when editing

The role of the editathon in supporting accessibility

The use of alt text to add simple descriptions of pictures

Use of colour -changing the colour of the background and or the text helps people who find it difficult to read black on white.

Embedding of text in CSS layout, text positioning etc

Use of multimedia

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30 minutes
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I will be accompanied by my guide dog!-->

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