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Using profiling tools to open up online scholarships
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discussion, presentation, workshop
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Duong Tam Kien
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Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire (CRI)
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One of the difficulty of current online scholarship programs is to match up audiences with the content of courses. We propose to address this issue by using graph theory algorithms and an economy of digital traces.

The main idea of our profiling tools is to reverse engineer the use of surveillance dispositifs in order to build proper curriculum of learning individuals based upon their online activities. With this content, we can know what knowledge they need to acquire to continue following a path, redirects them to better suited contents (more or less difficult pages), focus on particular courses and also help them have a global consciousness of their self expertise and how they can contribute to wikipedia. We would like to show some prototypes we started to work on in order to exemplify the possibilities of this research program.

The concept of digital traces mixed with the one of path is central in our works and how we can build a better open scholarship. With the rise of MOOCs, everybody can build their own curriculum outside academic life and the traditional life period devoted to educating oneself. It is important to understand and materialise these hidden paths to knowledge and make them part of everyones everyday life. Instead of translating directly the infrastructure of universities, from diplomas to disciplines, in the cyberspace, it seems more important to get a better grasp of the realities of digital life and to start on the reading/visiting webpage level of activities. The Web is already a massive ecosystem of knowledge.

We only miss some standards to get a recursive open economy of knowledge. This is why we also would like to propose a draft for an ensemble of monetary tools to create cognitive value upon the use of wikipedia and alike websites that accept feedbacks (i.e. writing rights). There is some core principles that have to be define and inscribe, such as neutrality, traceability, decentralisation, etc, and, then constitute by themselves both a scientific and a social challenge we would like to discuss.

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