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The encyclopedia and the map: How Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap can collaborate
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Cristian Consonni, aka CristianCantoro
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email me!
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Wikimedia Italia and [ Digital Commons Lab], Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento (Italy)
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My userpage on the WM-IT members wiki
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Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap are two of the largest known collaborative projects in the word. It seems natural that some sort of collaboration is possible also because many Wikipedians (and users of the other Wikimedia projects) are also OpenStreetMap contributors, this is also demostrated by various sessions related to OpenStreetMap already proposed (see for example Humanitarian OpenStreetMap mapping workshop and Editing OpenStreetMap using Rawedit), this session want to be a panel and a continuation to the Wikimaps session at Wikimania 2013 there will be a brief presentation of an integration tool "Wikipedia-tags-in-OSM" developed by the Italian OpenStreetMap community and some news about the creation of an OpenStreetMap Foundation chapter in Italy within the local Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia Italia (15 minutes). Then there will be 45 minutes where further aspects of the collaboration between OSM and Wikipedia can be explored: contributions are welcome!

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60 minutes
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