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The Year in GLAM Wiki US - The most memorable achievements in one session
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Andrew Lih, Lori Byrd Phillips, Dominic McDevitt-Parks, Kevin Gorman, et al.
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The Year in GLAM Wiki US recaps the most significant achievements of the community and discusses what's in store for the next year

2014 saw more breakthroughs than previous years, including:

  • First full-time Wikipedian in Residence in the US federal government, at the National Archives and Records Administration, with Dominic McDevitt-Parks [1]
  • First university-hired Wikipedian in Residence, at UC Berkeley, with Kevin Gorman NBC Associated Press
  • Creation of a university class based around GLAM-Wikipedia editing at American University (Washington, DC), started by Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado), covered by the NY TImes
  • Art + Feminism and Women in Science edit-a-thons got press coverage National Public Radio
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