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Submissions/The State of Wikimedia - A movement Dialogue

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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Saturday, August 9, 12:15, Auditorium 1

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The State of Wikimedia - A movement Dialogue
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Presentation + Discussion
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Nicole Ebber (WMDE)
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Nicole Ebber (WMDE)
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Wikimedia Deutschland
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tl;dr: The Chapters Dialogue was the journey, what we now have is a State of Wikimedia – so let's get into a Movement Dialogue together!

In spring 2013, Wikimedia Deutschland kicked-off the Chapters Dialogue. A qualitative research project that focussed on the goals, roles, relations, responsibilities and fears of the Chapters and their stakeholders within the Wikimedia movement. We have interviewed 100 people from Chapters, Amical, the Wikimedia Foundation, Affiliations Committee and Funds Dissemination Committee and asked them to tell their stories. Using the Design Thinking methodology that is based on understanding and empathy, we conducted a synthesis of the statements and issues that were covered in these interviews.

The outcomes of the Chapters Dialogue provide profound insights into the organisational structures of our movement. These insights help taking the bigger picture into account and connecting the dots between various matters. We will make them available in a way that can foster movement related discussions, support decision making processes and feed into planning further actions. But of course, the Chapters Dialogue can only be one piece of the puzzle. It is the journey Wikimedia Deutschland initiated to help build a genuine understanding of the "State of Wikimedia". It is far from being "ready" and does not aim to present a made-to-measure solution. Quite the contrary: We will share the extensive insights and information clusters to be taken up and built upon.

In the discussion following this presentation, I would like to address the broader Wikimedia communities and concentrate on questions like: With Free Knowledge for all being our highest goal, how do we as a movement with its various entities and individuals work towards this common goal with united forces? How do we as a movement address questions regarding organisations and structures necessary to fulfil our mission? Can a "Movement Dialogue" serve every single one of us? The presentation wants to inspire the audience to continue the journey, build upon the findings and take further actions together. It shall encourage discussions on the involvement of the communities and address follow-up questions. The session is aiming at holding up a mirror to the us as a movement – come and have a look!

(Please note: The insights of the Chapters Dialogue will be presented at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in April, the comprehensive documentation (text, images, video) will be online in May. I will add a short summary to the sessions description as soon as they are published. The reactions and resulting next steps will be incorporated into this Wikimania presentation, and may cause slight adaptations of the session outline.)

  • WikiCulture & Community
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