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Structured Wikiquote — The future of the free quote compendium that anyone can edit
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presentation & discussion
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This is a proposal for a new structured multilingual version of Wikiquote. As the current Wikiquote with all its individual monolanguage projects and without a proper cross-language support does not work that well, we thought of several improvements of the current situation.
Based on Wikibase, the same software which is used on Wikidata, Wikiquote quotations would be hosted on separate items (just like in Wikidata). By using these statements, each quotation will be linked to a "context". That could be a Wikidata item about a work (references to chapter and paragraph should also be given), but also about an interview or perhaps a TV show. Every quotation would have only one original version, but could have several translated versions, each with a proper source. Authorship would be provided via d:Wikidata, the free knowledge base everyone can edit.

Some techical aspects:
  • Quotations could be transcluded via a parser function: {{#quote:Q1}} would render as "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind". An apposite Lua function (possibly more advanced than the wikitext counterpart) should be included in Extension:Scribunto.
  • Quotes from copyrighted sources (and so under the mainly in the USA popular "fair use") would be distinguished from those in Public Domain, and could even be excluded from database dumps. Translated versions by Wikiquote users could also be released under a separate (CC-BY-SA compatible) licence.
  • On Wikisource, notable sentences within a work would automatically be highlighted, pointing to the corresponding Wikiquote entries.
  • As an optional feature, any eligible quotation could be voted by users to become a "Featured Quote", a future "Quote of the day" or "Quote of the year".

    In case this proposal passes, the multilingual Wikiquote would replace all monolingual Wikiquotes currently running on a subdomain. For this reason, we will need broad support among the Wikiquote users and also ideas how a migration to such a "Structured Wikiquote" could happen. These kind of things will be the main subject of the discussion held after our presentation.

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40 minutes
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m:Structured Wikiquote
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