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Submission no. 3018
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Offline Wikipedia in Swiss Jails.
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Muriel Staub, Emmanuel Engelhart
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Muriel Staub (WMCH), Kelson
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Switzerland, France
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Wikimedia CH
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We tend to forget but: Access to internet - and come along with it the access to Wikipedia - is not granted for everybody. With KIWIX - your offline Wikipedia you get Wikipedia without using the internet. It's for free and works no matter who or where you are: on a boat, in the middle of nowhere or in jail.
This offline access to knowledge is making a huge difference for inmates in Swiss prisons: In order to stimulate and support the interest for education of detainees, Wikimedia CH and the Bellevue’s Prison in Gorgier collaborated: Since March 2013, prisoners in the Swiss Bellevue’s prison can have access to Wikipedia offline. After a three month pilot phase, the project was considered very successful: Among the 36 prisoners of the Bellevue’s prison in Gorgier, 18 possess or rent a computer. All of these 18 prisoners requested the upload of Wikipedia offline on their PC and the feed-backs are unanimously positive : they reveal that Wikipedia is seen as an improvement of the education and information activities in jail. In order to establish a long term partnership, Wikimedia CH installed the Kiwix files and trained the IT team of the prison, who can now upload the software for every new prisoner who requests to get Wikipedia offline.
At the moment we're working on the extend of this project to other Swiss prisons and to detention centers for minors. By the time of 2014 Wikimania, we hope to be able to present further use-cases of Wikipedia offline in Swiss prisons.
Furthermore, we will quickly present how KIWIX - your offline Wikipedia works and are happy to hand out information material and equipment so that you can test Wikipedia offline yourself.
  • Education Outreach
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30 minutes
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Not yet clear but probably yes.
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Special requests

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