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Submissions/Meet the press: Introducing WMF’s new Communications team, the new blog and new chances for community collaboration on media

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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Meet the press: Introducing WMF’s new Communications team, the new blog and new chances for community collaboration on media

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Tilman Bayer, Katherine Maher (with other members of the WMF Communications team to join the panel)

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tbayer@wikimedia.org, kmaher@wikimedia.org


Tbayer (WMF), Katherine (WMF)

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Wikimedia Foundation

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Wikimedia was in the headlines often last year, as it always is. And there have also been new developments in the Wikimedia Foundation’s communications department that deals with many of these headlines. This presentation will give you a 360 degree update on the new developments in Wikimedia communications over the past year. First, you will have an opportunity to meet Katherine Maher - WMF’s new Chief Communications Officer. She recently came on board from the global digital rights organization Access and is building up WMF’s capacity to help the whole movement tell our story. Katherine will introduce you to her team, including several new members, and talk about her vision for the years ahead.

We’ll have exciting updates about upcoming new media work around Wikipedia Zero. We’ll look at the recent overhaul of blog.wikimedia.org, a growing hub for telling the Wikimedia movement’s best stories. In 2013, the blog saw around 400 posts, about a quarter of them multilingual. Up to 50% of the posts each month come from authors who are not employed by the Foundation. We are also ramping up social media, with more than a million followers (and growing!) on various platforms.

We also want to tell you about how we are working to stay transparent and accountable to the community, through ComCom and our monthly reporting, including the “Wikimedia Highlights”.

Finally, we’ll turn the microphone over to the audience to raise issues with our communications team. What was your biggest communications challenge over the past year? What stories do you want to tell this year? Is the Foundation doing a good job of keeping you updated? Whether it is good or bad, Katherine and her team want to hear from you, beginning at Wikimania in person, and continuing online afterwards. If you want to know more about, or get more involved with, Wikimedia communications then this is the session for you.


WikiCulture & Community

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