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Italians have no art images

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Andrea Valori, LL.M., MA, PhD candidate

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Andrea Valori

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El Salvador (born); Italy (current residence)

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University of Ferrara, Law Department

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Copyright is probably the most important legal issue for Wikipedia's world; a theme that is highly regarded by the community, as evidenced by the numerous talk related to this that have been proposed for Wikimania 2014. Even the images' notes of wikipedia (steps 4- We take copyright seriously - and 5- Copyright law is complicated, even for lawyers, and applying it to Wikipedia even more so. -) clarify strongly the importance of using free images for their open projects.

This speech will not cover copyright issues but other norms that restrict (or deny) the possibility to freely use pictures of cultural heritage, with a focus on the Italian situation; a complex and potentially far-reaching problem, as we know that italian art reproductions are by far the most represented within the various projects wikipedia (according to a reliable estimate they represent more than 3% of the total of the images, and more than 9% of the whole set of art reproductions). Even if the servers that contain the files are not in Italy, a lot of photos that enrich the various versions of wikipedia were made, however, in the Italian territory without obtaining the necessary permits and therefore represent a poisoned fruit by a legal point of view. Italian state has scarcely ever intervened to apply these legal limits; but I believe that a project like wikipedia which has the purpose of increase cultural and social sharing can not refrain from observing the rules of a state, also when dealing with rules that turn out to be meaningless, useless or even harmful to the community.

The proposed project can be divided into two parts.

The first part is a presentation of the legal limitations to the reproduction of cultural heritage in Italy and in other emerging countries (some Arab countries, India, China, Russia); a study that highlighted limitations, legal problems and solutions in order to operate in these areas.

The second part, more technical, wants to take the form of a workshop to present to the auditorium what is the correct technical procedure (step-by-step) to ask the necessary permissions for the cultural heritage reproduction in Italy. Through the analysis of real cases, we will identify all the individual steps that lead to obtaining the necessary permissions and you will learn how to correctly handle an administrative procedure before Italian authorities (Ministry or local representatives). Participants will also be provided with a document containing the best practices to use to solve any problems during the licensing procedure. The session will be concluded with a reserved time to answer any questions that emerged during the workshop.

important note:

as a research and as a student I disapprove the choice of Wikimania 2014 states that also contributors have to pay fee for access to the conference. Regulation provides that volunteers do not pay for access to the conference, while those who hold an intervention yes; I think this is a choice that diminishes the work of research and analysis without attributing the dignity it deserves.

I personally have attended a certain number of conferences, academic or not in these years and I am proud to have never had to pay any amount for these.

For this two reasons I have sent an email to the direction, requiring that is guaranteed to ALL the speakers not to pay any fee, otherwise I will be forced to give up my presence. For logistical reasons I requested a definitive answer before 10 AM on August 4, 2014. When I have the definitive answer, this will be published online, on this page. If I don't attend the conference, all interested participants can still ask me the full research paper, without any problem. I ask, however, apologize to everyone for the drawback caused.

Note of August 4, 2014, 7.15 PM - as expected, my request was not accepted. then I will not attend the conference Wikimania 2014 in spite of the work previously done and logistical hassles that derive from this choise.

I'm still waiting for the reimbursement of certified expenditure (which was confirmed to me), while the disappointment and nuisance remain high.

  • Legal & Free Culture
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