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How to get a half a million edits (and is it worth it?)
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Since I made my first edit in 2005, I have topped 700,000 edits across 137 Wikimedia projects (including over 500,000 on English Wikipedia, over 100,000 on English Wiktionary, over 70,000 on English Wikiquote, and over 12,000 on French language projects, plus another 1,500 on Commons). I'd love to talk about the tools, techniques, and time that I used to reach these milestones, and what I might have done differently.

The key elements to this would be to find what you love and write about many different aspects of it, while at the same time finding large scale wikignoming opportunities and diving into them with tools like AWB. If you don't know how to generate volumes of common errors to be fixed (there are many technical aspects of doing this that I have never learned) then collaborate with those who know how to kick these kinds of projects into high gear. Wikimedia projects are communities, and you can always find editors in the community who have skill sets that complement your own.

I would also caution that numbers are no measure of the quality of contributions. An editor could make half a million edits to their own user page, and contribute nothing to the quantum of human knowledge. To paraphrase a wise editor, every edit we make should be a step towards the improvement of our projects for the benefit of the reader. There are doubtless a handful of discussions and diversions which I would avoid, if I had it to do over again.

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  • WikiCulture & Community
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30 Minutes
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I will undoubtedly have slides.
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None. Note, however, that I have made three proposals, and would likely only be able to present one (whichever one has the most support).

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