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Growing the Awesome in your Programs

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Jaime Anstee, Edward Galvez, Maria Cruz

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JAnstee (WMF), EGalvez (WMF), MCruz (WMF)

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USA, Argentina

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Growing the Awesome in your Programs aims to provide an overview of some newly available tools and strategies to assist program leaders in evaluating their programs. Importantly, program leaders may be organizational leaders or individual volunteers who plan and implement programs like Wiki Loves Monuments, Edit-a-thons, On-wiki writing contests, GLAM content release partnerships, and many more. This workshops content was determined based on multiple feedback routes in which program leaders have suggested their priority topics for training and support. Here we propose a set of sessions in which participants will: (1) Learn about a specific tool or resource that is useful for program evaluation, (2) Learn how to use the tool within the context of programmatic case(s), and (3) Receive technical support in trying out the tool or resource.

Part 1: Reporting and Tracking Toolkit (40min)
In this first part, we present a reporting and tracking toolkit developed by the Program Evaluation and Design team. This set of tracking templates and reporting tools will provide organizational and monitoring support for program leaders to view the scope of information they can track related to their program activities and include methods for capturing and quantifying program data. Remaining time after presentation will be used for a Q&A.
- 5 minute break -
Part 2: Using Wikimetrics (45 min)
In the second part, we will provide an overview and demonstration of Wikimetrics and participants will have the opportunity to use the tool. We request that attendees bring a list of usernames from a recent program and their laptops (not tablets) to practice using the tool. Wikimetrics is a tool for measuring the direct results of programs on Wikimedia projects by tracking participant cohorts. The overview portion of this session will discuss the various metrics being used by the community and how to apply these metrics to your program. We will also take this opportunity to discuss some of the recent changes to the tool. In the latter portion of this session, participants will have the opportunity to practice using the tool with the list of usernames each participants brings. This will help participants to understand the potential role of the Wikimetrics tool and measures in the context of their program(s). We ask that participants who will bring usernames from face-to-face program implementations review the required forms.

WikiCulture & Community (Program Evaluation)

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75 minutes - two-part presentation workshop with experiential walk-through
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  1. Tracking and Reporting Toolkit
  2. Wikimetrics Learning Module
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