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DMCA takedowns, inappropriate images and more: How the LCA team uses technology to scale.
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James Alexander [ Jalexander/Jamesofur ]
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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The Wikimedia Foundation Legal and Community Advocacy Department spends a significant amount of their time working on processing legal takedown requests and other formulaic, but time consuming actions. To help speed up the process they use internal tools allowing them to process reports, research cross wiki issues and keep track of their activities. These tools range from open source case management systems to custom made web apps to log actions (especially when it involves the release of personally identifying information), automatically report where legally required (or where best for transparency sake) such as to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or Chilling Effects, create/update cases in the case management system, the MediaWiki API (and OAuth) to post notifications to the community and gather required information and more. Tools are created, published and updated on an as needed basis allowing for ones which will fit immediate needs without overly taking away from the teams other responsibilities.
Come learn a bit more about the LCA team and see some of the tools they use from the first ever ( as far as we know) use of OAuth to experiment with a better checkuser interface (while keeping all actions logged on wiki) to the rather ugly (but workable) all wiki search function and simple but highly effective integrated 1 page takedown applications.
Expansion for 300 word requirement: The planned presentation is an adaption on one I have given internally it includes a brief overview to the work the LCA team does as a setting for why the need for tools comes up and then a walk through of the tools and systems we currently have deployed including before/after examples of improvement (some of the tools have cut 1-2 hour tasks into 15-30 minutes etc.). I should then have a couple of minutes for questions and answers and would be very interested in where specific tools (all open sourced with code available) would be useful for the greater community.
If there is a lack of questions I will be able to fill the last couple minutes with some examples of projects we're thinking about such as training systems that could be used by the community. I will come with plenty of slides and examples (including locally hosted code in case the internet is finicky and video examples so that I can talk over them without having to focus on the example) but plan to keep it open so that if the audience is interested in a specific piece we can deviate without trouble.
Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30 minutes
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