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M-learning: Cloud teaching with wiki and boardcasting
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Ilya Gosudarev (Илья Государев)
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Илья Государев
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The Herzen State Pedagogical university of Russia
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The learning process in a university is focused on students’ personal development and interaction, guided by the teachers – lecturers, professors etc. The up-to-date way to provide a proper environment for all the participants of the process where they could interact and develop is to create what we could call a mobile environment. This environment has to store educational information, be accessible anywhere regardless of time or geolocation, allow to share stuff with other students and teachers.

Nowadays teachers may choose from a great variety of tools to create such an environment. Most of them have been using blogs and sites recently. But in this case the interaction is not really full-duplex. A teacher provides information on their site or blog, and students comment on the posts, or vice versa. But true collaboration means that both students and teachers equally donate to the final result of the research project. This in effect implements the initial proposal by Tim Berners Lee – the Web coedited by all.

And this is what is achieved with the aid of Wikipedia and cloud tools. We use a cloud document like Google Spreadsheet, a wiki page or site, a screencast or a video tutorial and some specific subject-related tools, depending on what we teach. For instance, let’s consider number systems – base 10, base 2 etc. We can construct a mobile environment out of a reliable educational wikisite, like, a screencast, a Google spreadsheet with some formulas and instructions

A cloud assignment is a wikipage or a cloud document which is shareable with learners. A teacher may create a document with public access but not editable, then students copy it to their environments (Google Drive, dropbox etc) and create their own versions based upon this primary document, to share it with the instructor eventially.

A boardcast ( is a cloud document which is being edited online in real time mode. It may or may not allow for the audience to edit or comment on it. I teach web prograaming on Javascript using, and an online code editor created by me, It can host “boards” like with assignments and instructions (while contains a solution to it). Boards can be re-edited by an educator and created by everyone.

In Russia students often tend to search for optional sources of education information, and that’s why academic mobility is so important for them. Mobile learning environment based on cloud tools and wiki offers great opportunities for such type of learning. It makes learning independent from a specific place / location, provides ways of sharing and collaboration, is suitable for mobile / portable devices and also creates a platform for continuous / lifelong learning because it follows and individual throughout his progress in space and time.


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