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Sourendra Kumar Das
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Diversity in India is titanic and "Unity in Diversity" is truly followed in a nation like India. Citizens living in Calcutta are so worlds apart from people living in Bombay, each being in trendy metros. They both have different mother tongues, Bangla and Marathi and not the Indian National Language Hindi, yet we co-exist in the same nation. There are over 100 languages, over 33 million Gods beings worshiped, various dance forms, wonderful music in almost every Indian language, marvelous and unique architecture, diverse food habits in different regions, yet we co-exist, sometimes peacefully and at times we co-exist because we have to. The Indian culture that we see today is an amalgamation of several cultures that spans across the Indian sub-continents and some of them are many thousands of years old. According to some of the ancient Vedic scriptures, the Indian culture exists over 5000 years ago, when Krishna revealed the Śrīmad Bhagavad Gītā, the song of Bhagwan which is a 700-verse scripture that is considered to impart free knowledge (like Wikipedia) and preach the doctrine of selfless action. That is just one example among countless other examples. Most of the elements of India's diverse cultures, such as Indian religions (Hindu, semi-Hindu and non-Hindu), yoga, meditation, diverse Indian cuisine have immense impact internationally.

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