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After the Encyclopedia: Horizons for a Collaborative Knowledge Project
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Toter Alter Mann
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Toter Alter Mann (de/en)
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Department of Sociology, LMU Munich
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In its early days, Wikipedia ventured to first mimic and then challenge the renowned print encyclopedias of the 20th century: Encyclopædia Britannica, Larousse, Espasa, Brockhaus. But now that Wikipedia has overstripped them in scope as well as in volume (if not in quality), we have to ask ourselves how the encyclopedia of the 21st century should look like. How can we write about topics that traditional encyclopedias sneered at or never even dared to seriously tackle – video games, scientific controversies, recent political events, fictional species, or the Holy Ghost? What does it mean to write for an audience quite different from bourgeois book lovers? Faced with the proliferation of events, objects, and actors constantly produced in our world, can we still strive for an inventory of human knowledge? And how to deal with knowledge that is radically contradictive? How can Wikipedia make a difference if it is to be absolutely neutral? I will try to give an outlook on the challenges that I think will dominate the project in the coming years – and to answer the question of what the hell we're actually doing here.
WikiCulture & Community
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45 Minutes
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