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A Publication Taxonomy–hybrid/open access publishing beyond academe

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Simon Worthington ( mrchristian ) & Christina Kral ( fabagit )

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mrchristian, fabagit Mrchristian fabagit

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Hybrid Publishing Lab - Leuphana University, Hybrid Publishing Consortium, Mute Magazine

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A Publication Taxonomy—to publish is to learn

During Wikimania 2014 we would like to host a micro workshop to investigate publishing's potential to alter the way we read, learn and educate. As structural model/frame we will make use of 'A Publication Taxonomy', a compilation we put together, made of definitions of academic and non-academic publication types found on Wikipedia (first iteration published in 2013, PediaPress and on GitHub).

As part of the Hybrid Publishing Consortium (with a particular focus in Open Access Publishing) we initiated the 'Publication Taxonomy' to help us comprehend the boundaries of publishing forms. We understand publishing and its various formats as a force for change; to overhaul educational structures within academia and on the edge of the institution. One vital element of OA publishing is the potential to re-use published content and re-publish it in novel ways—practically confronting the complexities of reading, learning and educating.

In our workshop we will explore how new and hybrid approaches to publishing can make existing information relevant to new, unexpected publics. We will look at the reader and how he shapes the realm of publishing—his role now expands beyond reading, to active authorship, re-mixing and curating content and the production of knowledge. How can, for example, existing academic knowledge (reserved for a fairly small and informed audience) reach ‘readers’ outside the institution? Further, how can OA content become truly accessible? So far, when dealing with OA content, it does not necessarily mean that it is easy to get to. Often the content is badly formatted; inconveniently located/labeled/stored, or access is restricted to the ones within suitable technological demographics.

Our workshop could be structured roughly as follows: Define the interest of a group; Accumulate a trans-media bibliography; Acquire and structure the content and re-publish—shaping media around the exploration of ideas; Assembling/forming an environment for new ways of reading, viewing, using and experimentation—an environment that suits the workshop group rather than the original authors, creators, media types, devices, publishers or owners of the media.

The workshop's aim is to create new work and definitions, preferably open-ended, tangible creations or not. We will look at re-contextualizing content, unbinding formats, deconstructing definitions and how existing material – once re-negotiated – can become fresh and meaningful again for more.

The workshop will contribute to the second part of the taxonomy to be published on WikiPedia's affiliate PediaPress and separately on GitHub.

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30 minutes
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