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Wikimania 2014 Hackathon

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Several people interested in Pywikibot will be at the Hackathon. This page will be used to discus what to work on. We'll probably have a mixed group of people from total Pywikibot newbies to die-hard Pywikibot developers. We need to find the right balance to not scare away the newbies, but also to have a productive hackathon for the existing Pywikibot developers. The slides for this and last year are available at [[1]].



The people who will try to not make a total mess of this


Sign up if you want to help out getting people started with Pywikibot.


Sign up here if you're interested in participating. Please include you're level of experience and/or what you would like to work on


Here you can include possible topics. Feel free to completely rearrange or structure this. You can put your name in a topic if you're interested in it.

Bug sprint

We have many open bugs. Do a sprint to reduce this. <include link to open bugs in bugzilla>

Core review sprint

We have quite a bit of code to review (open patches). Together we can probably quickly reduce this.

Improve documentation

See also