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I am Vadim Zaytsev, also known as Spider on Wikimedia projects, as @grammarware on Twitter, Foursquare and Ingress, and by other names elsewhere.

My wikilife started in June 2004, my first featured article dated 2005, since 2006 I am administering several successful wikis on Wikia, in 2009 I served as a wiki admin at a totally un-wiki event and got many people there hooked up on wiki technologies, thanks to the partial scholarship I have attended Wikimania in 2011 with a presentation on wiki migration, later same year I have served as a program chair for Wikimedia Conference Netherlands, an exploit I have repeated the year after that, and I also got hooked up on Wikidata since 2013. Oh yeah, I have also participated in Wiki Loves Monuments in 2011 as a massively active contributor (third quantity prize for covering 800+ monuments with my ~2k submissions) and in 2013 as a jury for Azerbaijan and as a part of a team of crazy people who were recovering GLAM open data from all kinds of terribly inaccessible formats. Outside my wikilife I am actively contributing to many open source projects as a programmer, editor or illustrator, as well as attending and coorganising tons of (mostly academic) events. I also have a PhD in software language engineering, and I publish all my papers in open access.

Plans for Wikimania 2014:

Beurs Wikimedia Nederland

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I hereby kindly request a scholarship to attend Wikimania in 2014 in London. I have been a member of WMNL since 2011 when I was invited by Dedalus to help with the Wikimedia Conference Netherlands: I served as a Program Chair for WCN 2011[1] and WCN 2012[2], as well as proceedings editor (in 2012 together with DDJJ for linguistic reasons), was a part of the organising/program committee for WCN 2013, I was playing some unidentified role for WLM 2013, got a third quantity prize at WLM 2011 and blogged[3] about it on request of Effeietsanders[4], spoke at Wikimania 2011[5], participated in Amsterdam wiki-hackathons in 2012 (post-WCN) and 2013 (the global one[6]), published wiki-related research results[7] in open access and attended dozens of WikiSaturdays[8] and some wiki-meetups in Haifa[9], Amsterdam[10][11], Utrecht[12], 's Hertogenbosch[13] and 's Gravenhage[14]. I am also currently involved in an unidentified role in Dutch Wiki Loves Earth 2014 for which I also give a lecture on 9 June 2014[15][16], and serve as a jury member at WLE Azerbaijan[17].

As my gratitude for getting a scholarship, I can promise one or more of the following:

  • tweet about Verenining Wikimedia Nederland, since my twitter audience is more than double of WMNL's[18]
  • write more articles about Dutch subjects on Russian wikipedia which usually turn out better than their Dutch and English counterparts[19][20][21][22][23]
  • write an extended blog post about my Wikimania experiences
  • help with on-site WMNL-related activities, as long as they neither conflict with my own presentations nor reduce my pepsi consumption
  • give a presentation on domain-specific wikis — a term I coined some time ago and yet not officially claimed even though it is used by others referring to me[24]
  • give a presentation on open notebook computer science, an open knowledge / open research methodology I developed and presented two years ago[25][26]
  • (last two items only if my submissions are accepted, which from current scores seems rather likely[27])

I hereby also claim to have read the terms and conditions and ask these four tildes to serve as my witnesses: Spider (talk) 22:01, 19 May 2014 (UTC)


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