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Open access is the practise of making scholarly research freely available to the world. Wikimedia shares a similar mission: to provide "the sum of all human knowledge"[1] free to anyone with the means to access the internet. This shared goal is something that will be explored at Wikimania 2014. We believe that the open access community and the Wikimedia community have a lot to offer each other, and by working together we can help open up the world's knowledge.

We're looking for volunteers, so feel free to add yourself to the main conference volunteers page, or the list of Wikimedians who are open access advocates. Comments and suggestions are welcome on the discussion page.

To find out more about how Wikimedia is engaging with open access, you can join the Wikimedia mailing list dedicated to open access: There is also a brief history of Wikimedia engagement with open access here.

See the list of open access events, mostly in London but some further afield. If you know of any events coming up that aren't on the list, please add them!

Examples of relevant Wikimedia projects

There are some specific WikiProjects in Wikipedia that are related to open access. WikiProject:Open has recently been created as an umbrella for other open WikiProjects including WikiProject Open Access. Other initiatives include:

Other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikisource, are also relevant. See Wikisource vision development and open access.

There is a Wikimedia Commons open access category.

Examples of relevant non-Wikimedia projects

We're starting to compile a list of relevant organisations and people who are influential in the field of open access. Here are some highlights:

This looks interesting: Open Access Wikipedia Challenge from the School of Open.


Most of this draft has been deleted as it it now reflected in the main page.

  • Question: how much of Wikimedia is composed from open access sources?
  • Discuss damage to scholarship caused by paywalls.
  • Project idea: auto suggest non-cited open access papers to wikipedia pages


  1. Miller, Rob. Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Responds. Slashdot, July 28, 2004. Retrieved 14 September 2013

Open Scholarship

The name of this theme has been changed from Open Access Research to Open Scholarship. The content will be tweaked to reflect this in due course. - Lawsonstu (talk) 08:27, 1 January 2014 (UTC)Reply

Mention WikiProject Open?

Hey, any way WikiProject Open could become more prominent on the main page? It's new and needs critical mass - which is finally building with the WIKISOO course (with P2PU School of Open) nearing completion. I'm an interloper so reluctant to edit main page. :) Wish I could come to the conference, boo. - Snarfa (talk) 19:12, 26 March 2014 (UTC)Reply