Submissions/wikipedia education and awareness in some Ghanaian schools and proposed project of corporate participation and unity through wikipedia as a tool of "understanding"

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wikipedia education and awareness in some Ghanaian schools and proposed project of corporate participation and unity through wikipedia as a tool of "understanding"
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In this presentation, we will describe a pilot project which also includes a proposed project soon underway.The project involved first year students of IDEAL COLLEGE, a renowned senior high school in Ghana; and LAMBS FOR BELLS which is a young volunteer entity registered with the Registrar General’s department in Ghana. The purpose was to introduce the first years to Wikipedia so as to limit the carriage of heavy dictionaries from place to place and to inculcate the habit of article writing and editing and to contribute to wikipedia article-writing, to find some of the root causes to recent high crimes in Kumasi, a major city of Ghana and to see how to collaborate with the police and national security; and the proposed project to use Wikipedia as a tool of “understanding” to influence massive participation, unity and peace among the above-said students.


LAMBS FOR BELLS started as a volunteer entity of a team of five seeking to challenge some issues of social responsibilities like orphanage care, teaching and rural outreaches. Africa in particular and Ghana as a constituent country has been faced with uproars, wars and divisions of several kinds and this has led to the formation of several agencies with a common interest of peace and resolution establishment; not to forget the recent formed reconciliation committee by the previous government, New Patriotic Party. Tribal differences in culture and language as well as differences in religion, party politics, literate and non-literate, etc. has been the basic causes; having the first three being the most dominant factors. It is very expedient to know that in all those agencies of peace and conflict resolutions, the key objective is “understanding”. Therefore if people could get the understanding to how others act and behave, I do believe that unity and massive active participation would be inevitable. Also, Kumasi, which is a major city in Ghana is experiencing increasing crime and silent attacks especially against students. some of this has occurred due to increasing exodus of residents of Upper and Northern region into the township because of suppose employment and better life opportunities. They arrive in Kumasi and they are taking as cheap labour. Those working with the cold stores end up having the matchets and other sharp instruments as weapons in the night since there is no proper security by the shop owners on these laboral workers. LAMBS FOR BELLS HAD A SHORT VIDEO DOCUMENTARY ON THIS and showed it to the students at IDEAL COLLEGE, during one of the workshop sessions of Wikipedia education. In summary: 1.wikipedia education in Ghanaian schools( as preference to voluminous dictionary carriage) 2.inculcating article writing and editing to feed Wikipedia 3.curbing down crime against students and seeking to collaborate with police and national security 4.proposed project to promote active –massive participation, unity and peace through understanding using Wikipedia;

 Has been and will be embarked by LAMBS FOR BELLS AND IDEAL COLLEGE.


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