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Wikipedia and the evolving world of privacy regulation
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I have recently transitioned into the area of privacy regulation, including such topics as breach notification and data security regimes governing cloud computing. I would be glad to speak about the fast-changing regulatory environment of this area and how it might potentially effect Wikipedia. There are two main areas where privacy comes into play in Wikimedia projects. The first area is in our free content, whether this be in articles that present or assert facts about people, quotation collections attributing quotes to people, or images depicting people. Wikipedia must be careful in the presentation of information, not only to avoid presenting false information, but to avoid providing accurate information that nonetheless violates the privacy rights of a subject. For example, it is generally not appropriate to indicate an article subject's home address or personal telephone number, even if the information can be reliably sourced. The second area is with respect to the private information of our editors. Unlike most commercial concerns, Wikimedia projects are surprisingly good about not seeking identifying data about editors. Editors are not even required to provide an email address, much less to identify their name, age, or location. Nevertheless, Wikimedia should be wary of the occasional tendency of editors to provide public details about themselves on user pages and in discussions, and of ability of outside entities to use mass data analysis techniques to determine the characters of editors.

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