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Wikimedian in Residence programme review (WMUK) - workshop

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Daria Cybulska

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Daria Cybulska (WMUK)

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Wikimedia UK

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Over the last two years, Wikimedia UK has worked towards creating a firmer structure supporting our Wikimedian in Residence project. ‪This started with, in November 2012, running a call for applications to attract institutions wanting to engage with such a project (background for that is and ‬

All of the organisations we have brought forward belonged to the cultural sector, but this is not a requirement of the programme. We also set up a Jisc Wikimedia Ambassador (July ‘13 - April ‘14), which follows some of the elements of the WIR model.

Towards the end of 2013, we have agreed to reflect on the programme’s successes and challenges through a review. This will have been run over March - May 2014, looking at the opinions of the residents, host institutions, and contribution from the community in general. There was a significant focus on exploring what the Residents thought about their projects, what would have helped them deliver their objectives, what tools and resources they found especially useful (or what they have produced themselves!).

This workshop wants to present what has been found through the review (perhaps build on what would be presented via the more general talk), but open it up to any current or prospective Wikimedians in Residence to share learning and brainstorm how the community of Residents would be stronger by working together.

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