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Wikifamily After working in English language Wikipedia for more than 2 years, I have felt, it is very difficult to find an editor if he or she suddenly stops editing. See wikipedia:Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians. We have no way to know where the editor is. For example, see wikipedia:User:WikHead. He had more than 100,000 edits. At the end of 2012 he was telling me he was wiki-frustrated and physically ill. Now for last 1 year I am trying to find where he is. Many more editors like WikHead go missing from every project of Wikimedia everyday. I know, a large number of editors voluntarily leave the project and perhaps don't want to be contacted.
I have been working in wikipedia:Wikipedia:Deceased Wikipedians — I know there only those editors' names get included who are notable enough to hit any newspaper or whose relatives are careful enough to inform any other editor. I work in almost every page in the "Deceased Wikipedians" portal, but if I die tomorrow, my name may not get included there.
Now the question is— should we sit idle? Here I think we should encourage editors to think, "we are part of a wikifamily", not only by creating a single page Wikipedia:Wikifamily and with a note "please feel free to sign your name at the bottom", but something "more seriously and practically". This should be included and supported by both on-wiki and off-wiki (outreach). It may also help in our current editor-retention project and it might be helpful for the new editors. I have some ideas. I want to make presentation on it.

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