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WikiProfessor: Virtually tutoring reached out new Wikipedians
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Subhashish Panigrahi

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WikiProfessor is a thematic project idea that encompasses on creating virtual tutorial building to educate users to learn Wikipedia editing. Wikimedia movement has been putting a lot of efforts and resources to sustain the new editors. During mass scale Wikipedia Education Programs and other outreach, new editors need a system in a place for regular follow up and gradual learning about Wikipedia editing with policies and advanced options. This presentation would include various experiments on tutoring and mentoring new wikimedians and learning from outreach. While implementing long term outreach like Wikipedia Education Programs, there are certain obstacles that Campus Ambassadors (Wikipedians who act like tutors in the campus) face. To generate a good momentum in the budding community and making the new wikipedians part of the Wiki Community has been a big challenge in the Wikimedia movement. While working with young mass interactive presentations, fun activities and primarily learning tutorials work really well. Outreach education documents so far have been more detailed and there is a tremendous scope of bringing quality teaching materials for mass outreach. Based on case studies of different language communities I would also recommend certain practices including that have worked and new ideas and tutorial building for educating more people on the internet about Wikipedia editing.

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