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WikiMafia: Free Culture Against Organized Crime
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Pierpaolo Farina
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WikiMafia - Free Encyclopedia on Mafias
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The mafia-type criminal organizations are now everywhere. From the beginning, their strength has been the monopoly of information and knowledge about themselves. The dissemination of knowledge at all levels is the key today to win the war of free people against them, worldwide. We are trying to do it with WikiMafia, a free Encyclopedia on Mafias which connects all the relevant information about organized crime and anti-mafia organizations, to help people without a relevant academic background and want to learn more about the phenomenon, how to make the difference in this great global war. This resource, updated in real time, is now a great tool for journalists, policemen, judges and citizens. Everyone could contribute, but every user is verified, because the sensitivity of the matter. We want to create different version in different language to share our knowledge with all people who have the same problem we have in Italy (Europe, but also Colombia, Mexico etc.).

Because in the large, thriving and deafening confusion of the world around us, we tend to choose the one that our culture has defined for us, and we tend to perceive what we have chosen in the form that our culture has stereotyped for us. This is because we hear about the world before we see it and we imagine most things before we have experience. And the big, powerful and pervasive Mafia phenomenon is no exception. For that reason, we think that circulation of information isn't enough, we need a scientific organization of knowledge. We are convinced that it is not enough law enforcement efforts of the judiciary alone to defeat organized crime, because the criminal phenomenon rooted in a cultural climate that can only be defeated with a cultural movement that involves all citizens and especially the younger generation, "the most likely to immediately feel the beauty of the fresh wind of freedom that does reject the stench of moral compromise, indifference, contiguity and thus complicity." to use the words of Paolo Borsellino, who died 22 years ago, killed by Cosa Nostra. Free Culture could be the way to build a better world without organized crime and without the chain of a cultural slavery that is now spreading all around the world in the name of profits.

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