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What does a Wikipedian in Residence in the scientific sector do?
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presentation, or could be panel
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John Byrne / Johnbod, also now with Henry Scowcroft of Cancer Research UK, and Sydney Poore, Wikipedian in Residence at Cochrane Collaboration.
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Johnbod (also User:Wiki CRUK John and Wiki at Royal Society John)
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Currently Wikipedian in Residence at the Royal Society, the UK's National Academy of the Sciences (term will have finished by Wikimania)
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By the time of Wikimania I will have completed the six month term of my appointment as part-time Wikimedian-in-Residence at the Royal Society of London, the UK's National Academy of the Sciences. This ends at the beginning of July 2014. The term of the Wikipedian in Residence at Cancer Research UK, one of the UK's largest charities, will be ongoing (currently this has not started). The two roles include some rather different objectives, as well as some similar ones. I anticipate joining the CRUK WiR to the presentation to explore the possibilities and challenges of such positions in the scientific sector, where they have been less common than in conventional GLAM institutions in the cultural sector.

The advertised CRUK job description includes the improvement, with the Wikipedian editing community and specialists CRUK can provide access to, of a number of English Wikipedia articles on different cancers. This is to be accompanied by consumer research with groups of the public including patients with cancer into their reactions to particular Wikipedia cancer-related articles. This is an entirely novel approach within a Wikipedian-in-residence programme, which will be ongoing at the time of Wikimania.

Other areas to cover include potential conflict of interest, which takes different forms with the two institutions, and engaging with scientific researchers, where at the Royal Society I am developing a new approach.

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30 minutes
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