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The opportunities and challenges of Wikidata

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Gerard Meijssen

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the Netherlands
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Wikidata is a game changer. Like Commons, it provides a service to all projects. It started with inter language links for Wikipedia. It now provides a real service for Wikivoyage and Wikibooks as well. What is hardly considered is that it unites the projects. As the realization that Wikidata brings things together, typically the opportunities are not noted, appreciated and discussed.

As Wikidata has data on all subjects from all our projects, it follows that each project covers fewer subjects. The information available in Wikidata is becoming increasingly rich and increasingly useful. It follows that where bot created articles create stale articles, Wikidata provides the opportunity of real time text in any language.

When multi-media files are to be included in Wikidata in the second half of 2014, everybody assumes that this is about integrating Commons into Wikidata. Multi media files is what Commons is about. They exist in many projects as well and, this is an opportunity to bring all these files together in a single management layer where data decides on the availability of what project or language version.

The Reasonator and its associated tools has proven itself as a way to share information that is available to us. We aim to share the sum of all knowledge and with Reasonator we are able to realize more of our ambition with the infra-structure that we have. In this presentation and subsequent discussion I will argue that we can do more when we allow ourselves to look beyond what we have always done.

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