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The GLAM-Wiki Revolution
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Film screening followed by panel
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User:Rock drum and Joe Sutherland
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Rock drum, Foxj
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United Kingdom
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Wikimedia UK
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The full film, also available to watch on YouTube.
The UK is really where GLAM started. Back in 2009 Liam Wyatt became the first Wikipedian in Residence at the British Museum, helping to open up their collections to the wider world through Wikipedia and its sister sites. Since then the movement has only gathered momentum - both here and around the world. But with residencies at institutions of all sizes around the country, and countless other volunteer-led projects, what lessons are there to be learned from GLAM outreach in the UK?
We produced a film with Wikimedia UK to document the growth of the GLAM movement in the United Kingdom, serving both highly-experienced audiences as well as those new to the world of participating in Wikimedia. It explores the exciting initiatives going on around the country and some of those that have paved the way. We travelled the length and breadth of Britain to tell the stories and share the experiences of people who've worked closely with institutions of all sizes. This film celebrates the work put in by so many volunteers - and paid Wikipedians in Residence to open the culture held in the GLAM institutions of the UK.
During this session we will screen the film, which will be fifteen to twenty minutes long. Afterwards we will open the floor for a short Q&A session with us the filmmakers, some of the interviewees and others. This should take up the remaining time in our slot, which we imagine will be five to ten minutes.
The whole film will be available to view or download from Wikimedia Commons after its showing, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence and in keeping with the open source ethos source material will also be shared under open licences. We look forward to helping Wikimania attendees gain more of an insight into the GLAM movement's work in the UK, before sharing the film online.
  • GLAM Outreach
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30 minutes
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