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Replaying edits & visualising edit history

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Jeph Paul Alapat

User:Jmorgan (WMF)

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Jeph Paul

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Over the last eight months I built Replay Edits, a tool that shows the evolution of an article like a video. While building it I looked at a lot of existing ideas to represent the edit history of an article. A lot of different approaches have been tried like sparklines, flowgraphs, maps etc.

Visualizing the edit history & the edits could help us with :

  • Understanding vandalism patterns
  • Looking at the usefulness/longevity of edits
  • Learning how an article grows and evolves over time
  • Understanding editor behavior

I'd like to survey the existing ideas and suggest ideas for the above. I'd also talk about the choices I made for the tool and use the talk as a springboard for newer approaches.

The tool has a slider to select the edits of interest & allows the edits made to be viewed like a video that can be paused and resumed. The slider in the tool has been separated out & could be used in other projects. I'd like to show examples of how we could use it to answer some of the questions above.

More details on the tool can be found here.


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20 mins

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Since I'm not attending wikimania, Jonathan Morgan has agreed to step in for me & help me do a hangout & deliver the talk.

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