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Relationship between Wikipedia and the community
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Ahmed Mohi El din
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Relationship between Wikipedia and the community

This talk will discuss Wikipedia’s role in the community or the relationship between Wikipedia and the community how Wikipedia can serve and be effective in the residential district. A lot of people don’t have awareness about Wikipedia so I believe the best way to make them be aware by make Wikipedia involved in the community problems and crises Start New Initiatives on Wikipedia about the community problems to attract people to help and found solutions for these problems this will make the people more attract to Wikipedia and more involved

For expelling

1-The whole globe has a homeless children's problem and then we can create an international initiative on Wikipedia to help these children this will make the nations more interactive with Wikipedia and even with Wikimedia projects, Some people will believe in this problem and will support us also some organizations will do it.

2- decrease of freshwater one of the biggest problem we throw a lot of people will be interesting to know about it to help us for found new solutions also a set of scientists will be grateful for us.

3- The global food crisis, one of the most important issues in the world and all kinds of nations will be involved in this problem all the people believe it’s very important to solve this problem.

4-child labor, a lot of kids around the world, particularly in the third world countries suffering from this trouble.

Finally, this some examples just to show how it’s important for Wikipedia to be aware about the community problems as the community have to be aware about Wikipedia it will be win – win equation between Wikipedia and the community as Wikipedia plays a role in the community and the community play a great role to improve Wikipedia

WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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