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Preservation of indigenous languages through Wikipedia
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Melisa Parisi/Laura Regalado
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Mel 23
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This presentation will show our work with children in schools in Argentina. Many children have guarani or quechua descent and still speak these languages beside Spanish, but most of them did not know about the existence of Wikipedias in their native languages. Over the last few months, we have been working to approach them to these versions of Wikipedia and to teach them how to edit. This presentation will show the steps we took, the results we are getting so far and our expectations for the future.

This presentation is a updated version of the conference given during Wikimedia Diversity Conference, in Berlin. This time, we will show the challenges we had (and still have) and the new results we are having after 'hiring' an expert in these languages, encouraged by the response we got in Berlin.

The main points of this presentation will be:

1) The original idea, which was editing Wikipedia to make the best out of the netbooks given by free to schoolchildren in Argentina.

2) The inclusion of indigenous languages and their importance.

3) The issues concerning indigenous languages: the fact that many people who speak it are not familiar with technology and how children can be the perfect bridge between knowledge and computer abilities.

4) Our challenges and our recipe for success.

5) The importance of working with an expert and how it helped us to improve our project.

6) The importance of showing the project as viable to children and convince them that they can edit. Keeping it simple as the clue.

7) The balance between a veteran user (sysop, editing since 2007, +33,000 edits) and a new user (editing since 2012, ~850 edits) to carry on a project and how it impacts in children.

8) The importance of using the resources available to carry on a project with a budget of zero dollars.

9) Goals, results and expectations.

We hope to have some time to exchange ideas with other people who are doing similar projects, to benefit from each other.

  • Education Outreach

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20 Minutes
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