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P2Pvalue directory: A collaborative resource to map common-based peer production
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-- P2Pvalue project EN:User:Lilaroja Nigel Gilbert & Chris Pinchen
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mayo.fuster(at) chris(at) n.gilbert(at)
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European project (Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France and Italy)
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P2Pvalue European project. Partners: - Autonomous university of Barcelona; Complutense University of Madrid; University of Milan; CNRS; University of Surrey; and P2P Foundation.

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Commons Based Peer Production (CBPP) means collaborative production and sharing of resources among peers under commons settings. From the initial cases, such as Wikipedia and FLOSS, recently there has been an expansion to other areas of activity, such as citizen science, product design, management of common spaces and open data sources. The mission of the P2Pvalue Directory is mapping the diffusion and hybridization of peer production by collecting and typifying digital platforms or projects that are CBPP. The directory currently holds more than 400 cases of CBPP such as platforms for collective research, citizen journalism, peer to peer financing, and hackerspaces. The directory serves as a valuable tool for anyone interested on CBPP such as “commoners”, “prosumers” or researchers. It also aims to give visibility to the CBPP and support the networking among CBPP projects. The directory itself is based on collaborative production. The data contributed to the directory is published with an open license and accessible through our API or for downloaded in various formats. The Directory is supported by the European Project P2PValue and promoted by a plural consortium of organization. During the workshop at Wikimania, the Directory will be presented and we will be playing with it. Join the collective effort: Reuse and remix the data, insert new cases, rethink the directory design, among others.

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