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Our Default Setting is Open: The Wikimedia Model of Crowdfunded Knowledge Production in Formal Learning Environments
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Paola Ricaurte
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Tecnologico de Monterrey
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Traditional approaches to knowledge production and collaboration impose built-in constraints and limitations on community engagement and on productivity/outputs. By contrast, the Wikimedia model of crowdfunded knowledge production as an epistemology and methodology for peer production and peer learning aims to support emergent collaborative structures that are responsive to the changing requirements of our complex world. According to the Wikimedia model of knowledge production, “learning” and “culture” are conceived as social practices aimed to enriching the commons. On a micro level, a vision of crowdfunded knowledge production within an open source framework can be applied to formal and informal learning environments. On a macro level, it may be useful for the development and implementation of educational public policy. The purpose of this presentation is to show a case study of wiki and open source learning and knowledge production in formal learning contexts at college level in Mexico City. Our contention is that open knowledge and peer production are required epistemological approaches to learning in the digital age.

  • Education Outreach
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30 minutes
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No. My institution provides funding only for accepted papers.
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