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Open Science Overview
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Graham Steel
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Open Knowledge Foundation
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As alluded to below, I've been asked to give a talk at this Symposium at Dundee University in June. The organisers contacted Open Knowledge Foundation's Founder Rufus Pollock who couldn't make it, but Rufus proposed myself as his replacement.

My rough remit...

This year we have decided on a theme based around "the future of science" which is a bit different from past years. That is why we thought it would be a good idea to have an "alternative" talk as such, based on open knowledge and the future of scientific publishing. This is to inspire our audience who are mainly PhD students.

My aim is to cover

1) Trad. publishing 2) OA 3) Social Media/altmetrics etc 4) Open Data

Intention will be to adapt these slides for a presentation at Wikimania.

  • Open Scholarship
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30 minutes
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hopefully !
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Currently working on these slides for a 30 min. talk at Dundee Uni in June. Will adapt these for this talk.
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