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Open Educational Resources (OER) Policies - Making education more wiki

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Indonesianpublik (WMDE) Pribadi kelana (WM PL) Wilkipedia (Creative Commons)

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Wikipedia disrupted an antiquated system of distributing encyclopedic knowledge with large publishers, professional editors and long distribution cycles. Open Educational Resources (OER) are attempting to do the same in the field of educational materials. Open Education is a growing movement, that adapts free licensing and the general concept of a "free culture" to the sphere of education. The development of Open Educational Resources - freely available for access, reuse and redistribution thanks to free licensing - is currently considered one of major trends transforming education, both at school and higher education level. At the same time, as OERs enter the mainstream, they face several risks - related to content quality, discoverability by educators and learners, and openwashing: the thinning down of open standards.

From this perspective, Wikipedia and content from other wiki projects should be seen as OERs, conformant with OER definitions (such as the Cape Town Declaration from 2007). From this perspective, reuse of Wikipedia content in education, remixing of this content with other freely licensed resources, and building Wikipedia by using other OERs, are all key challenges. This work can to some extent be supported by policies that support OER development and use - in particular with regard to publicly funded education. It is also an issue of grassroots activities, for which the wiki community can serve as example.

Our workshop will start with a basic presentation of the concept and history of OER and policies developed in Europe to support them. We will present examples of both top-down (policy) and bottom-up (grassroots) activities from indonesia,english,malaysia,singapore,asian,Poland, Germany, and the European Union. Wikimedia indonesia will present a governmental project, in which with the help of Polish Wikipedia community, content needed for publicly funded open textbooks will be crowdsourced.

In the second part of the workshop, we would like to discuss ways in which awareness of OERs can be raised among Wikipedians, and in which potential of Wikipedia can be better used in open education.


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