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Machine aided article translation - The content translation project by WMF
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Santhosh Thottingal with WMF Language Engineering team
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WMF, Language Engineering team
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This will be a presentation on the current state of Content Translation project of Language Engineering team of Wikimedia Foundation.

The content translation tool is aimed to improve multilingual contribution. It is a Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool aimed to make translation of Wikipedia articles easier and better.

Translating content present in one language version of Wikipedia to another Wikipedia is a process that involves different steps and tools. Creating a new Wikipedia page based on an existing one from a different language normally requires the use of automatic translation services, dictionaries, reformatting text, tweaking links and references, and a lot of tab switching. This is a process that can be streamlined a lot so that translators spend their time creating high-quality content that reads naturally in their language.

Most Wikipedia users edit only one language edition. However, just over 15% of users also edit multiple language editions.

The tool is targeted to users that know two or more languages, and provides value for different kinds of users. For new users, the tool will provide a new way of contributing that is easier than creating a new page from scratch. or experienced editors, the tool will simplify the process of translating content.

The goals for the tool are the following:

  1. Save time. Help translators to create content quickly, without unnecessary copy&paste to external tools.
  2. Provide assistance. Prevent errors, and make the user confident of their translations.
  3. Encourage quality of translations. The tool should communicate properly the purpose of translations in Wikimedia context and help the user to avoid bad quality translations.
  4. Don’t force the user. Since different translators follow different editing patterns, the aids provided should not intrude into the editing process.
  5. Focus on content. Translation is more focused on content than text styling. Technical elements such as wikitext should be dealt in a way that do not make the translation harder.
  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30 minutes
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