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Sourendra Kumar Das
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Hinduism in its real sense believes in LGBTI DIVERSITY, at least the true ancient Hinduism. Being born in a metro like Calcutta, studied in Mumbai and partly lived in Dubai, when I choose to stay in Shree Vrindavan for almost 2 years away from the city life, I saw how Hinduism at its core respects LGBTI DIVERSITY and regards it as a natural and joyful expression of human and devout desires. Ardhanarisvara (the hermaphrodite form of Shiva), Aravan (a hero whom Krishna married after becoming a woman), Ayyappa (a god born from the union of Shiva and Mohini, a female incarnation of Vishnu), Bahuchara-devi (a goddess connected with trans-sexuality and eunuchism), Bhagavati-devi (a Hindu goddess associated with cross-dressing), Bhagiratha Maharaja (an Indian king born of two female parents), Caitanya Mahaprabhu (an incarnation of Radha and Krishna combined), Chandi-Chamunda (twin warrior goddesses), Gadadhara (an incarnation of Radha in male form), Gangamma-devi (a goddess connected with cross-dressing and disguises), Harihara (Shiva and Vishnu combined); Kartikeya, Vallabhavardhana, Yellamma-devi are some of the examples. If Hinduism and the teachings of the same are followed, there will be Unity in Diversity in true fundamental nature.

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