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Insider/Outsiders - GLAM case studies from India & Mexico
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Leigh Thelmadatter and Noopur Raval
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osamadre @ and noopur.raval @
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Wiki Borregos/Wikimedia Mexico and Wikimedia India
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Premise: Much has been written about aspects of culture that can are very hard to document on Wikipedia, in part because of its stringent policies and the need for already-published materials from a limited variety of sources. This can be especially difficult for a range of "information reservoirs" such as contemporary artists, artisans and those preserving their history in oral forms and memory everyday. This makes many communities with a rich cultural legacy completely invisible on the global map of Wikipedia because sources are either lacking and/or they are not available digitally even when the subjects meet Wikipedia notability standards.

We are two practitioners in the GLAM area, situated as "insider/outsiders" in two "Global South" setups - India and Mexico, who are addressing this issue by creating programs/interventions in our institutions and making space for Wikipedia. We are also insiders to the Wikipedia world and hence trying to make space for the kind of knowledge we think is valuable. This talk will focus on the efforts to document artists and artisans in India and Mexico, working with several GLAM institutions to develop strategies to overcome these difficulties. Leigh Thelmadatter from Mexico will talk about the Museo de Arte Popular and the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana in regards to biographies of artists and artisans. In this case the main challenge is to cover biographies,especially of living persons, of subjects that meet wikipedi's notability policy but lack detailed published sources to cite. Noopur Raval from India will make a presentation on Wiki-histories - a successful and ongoing GLAM project to record biographies of contemporary Indian artists on EN-WP. The presentation will also explore some opportunities for visualizing content on Wikipedia as well as options to archive art related information, widely accepted metadata standards and the role of Wikipedia within the archival world.

Both practitioners have also seriously considered issues of conflict of interest and tried to negotiate them in their own unique ways. They will also talk about possible intersections and conflicts, above and beyond literal CoI.

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25 Minutes
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