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Going off the Boil? A gentle canter through the leading theories as to whether Wikipedia has peaked yet, but maybe isn't dying either.
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Jonathan Cardy
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United Kingdom
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I'm a longstanding Wikimedian and a part time member of staff at Wikimedia UK. But the views in this presentation are my own and this is separate from my job with the chapter.
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Since 2007 several of the possible health indicators for the Wikimedia community have gone into decline or stabilised. This presentation will give a brief run through of the main symptoms of the post 2007 change and the leading theories that might explain those symptoms.


  • Raw edit count has fallen, which is either a huge problem or a great victory for our improved vandalfighting software.
  • The ratio between Readership and Editorship has changed - with new technologies delivering our content to ever more people, but in a less interactive way (Have you successfully edited Wikipedia on a smartphone?).
  • We've lost some of our most effective ways to recruit new editors.
  • We are inconsistent, especially in how we treat those who add unsourced content.

I apologise if this presentation is overly skewed towards the English language Wikipedia, it is my home wiki and still accounts for much of my editing time. I would particularly welcome feedback from other projects and languages as to whether my observations here are also relevant to their project.

  • WikiCulture & Community

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30 Minutes
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This presentation will be based on an essay I wrote here
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