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Gender and Beyond: Building Diversity in the Digital Space
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Michelle Brook, Beatrice Martini, Katelyn Rogers
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UK, Italy/Germany, USA/UK
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Open Knowledge
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Different digital & open communities have taken different forms and are trying to achieve  different goals, but some elements are common to all of them.

  • People collaborate which raises questions about the need for codes of conduct or collaboration, governance structures and consultation processes
  • They are distributed around the world, always striving to grow in places with different cultures and languages and amongst people of different genders and sociodemographic backgrounds.

Being distributed and collaborative makes us more resilient but also pose us with significant challenges that we struggle to find solutions to. Let’s try to explore these challenges together! We’ll split the crowd in small groups that will each explore one of the challenges we have identified.  


  • Global Community Processes (e.g. when an org has a central core team and many regional groups)
  • Cultural diversity (language, religion, society structures, communications policy)
  • Gender diversity
  • Age diversity
  • Accessibility and Disabilities

Each group should discuss 3 key points, to be documented during the workshop on the session etherpad ( building-diversity ) and presented to the whole group at the end of the session.

Discussion Topics:

  • What’s the challenge, how this topic appears in our digital open community. Flesh it out
  • What has been done so far to address it in the communities you know/ are part of?
  • What can be done better and how? Your call to action for the community, also to be shared with others online, via etherpad.

After the session, we will collect all the ideas that have been shared in the etherpad, invite others to contribute their ideas and being the process of collaboratively developing a toolkit and best practice guide to building inclusive and diverse open communities.

WikiCulture & Community
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45 minutes
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