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GLAM Discussion

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After 2007 there was an awareness that Wikipedia in particular had achieved an unprecedented quantity of Encyclopeadic content for an encyclopaedia, and there was a good case to shift Wikipedia's focus to improvements in quality. One result of this was that Wikimedia's GLAM program was launched circa 2010 as part of our expert outreach program. At the same time efforts exist in multiple countries for outreach via various means and social media, some open licensed, some not. Just to name a few keywords: Europeana, Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Data.

OTOH, what does cooperation with some inherently a little unreliable and not always living up to standard professional standards volunteer organisation mean for a cultural institution? Is it useful for GLAMs to cooperate? If yes how? Are there cultural or legal differences, in different parts of the world?

Four years on, should our emphasis still be quality improvement, and are there other problems that GLAM can help address?

Discussion Format

Comment from some people asked to be panellist: it would be great to have the format in a less formal way, e.g. an open style discussion after the GLAM track, which allows the people attending exchange the experiences. Important would be a space and time slot to do this no matter of the detailled format. So the time frame would stay. People attending are welcome to register, so others know they are there.

Following persons are open to sit on a panel:

  • Jonathan Cardy is Wikimedia UK's GLAM organiser and a longstanding wikipedian who believes that GLAM has a big role to play in editor retention and tackling our institutional bias
  • Pranav Curumsey currently serves on the board of Wikimedia India & is one of the project leads for Creative Commons India, brings a sub-continental perspective on content quality and attempts to partner GLAM institutions.
  • Olaf Janssen, GLAM-Wiki and Open Data coordinator, Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands), NL.

Following persons Would love to participate in an open discussion, but not sit on a panel:

  • Representant of the Swiss Federal Archives (name tbcf), CH.
  • Representant of the Swiss National Library (name tbcf), CH.

  • GLAM
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60 Minutes

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True for most of the persons.

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