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The original image was too boring for the voting of “excellent pictures”…
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Do not trust any photo - scope of image processing

Never trust a photo that you did not fake yourself!
Traue keinem Foto, das du nicht selbst gefälscht hast!
¡Nunca confíes en una foto, que no has falsificado tú mismo!

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presentation and workshop
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Ralf Roletschek
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Commons:User:Ralf Roletschek
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I want to show the spectrum of possibilities to manipulate a photo. Some of them are harmless, other exaggerated. Where is the limit?
I will show the methods, and prove that an extensive manipulation can be achieved with a few clicks. In our projects it is often under discussion to which extend changes are allowed. However, this should not be the subject of my lecture, I rather want to show where the technical limitations are. In theory (almost) everything is possible. My target is that you realize that not every nice picture is actually real and that you recognize fakes by yourself.
I also want to speak about the history of picture manipulation, providing some examples. We have a bunch of pictures that have been manipulated in Commons and in several Wikipedias. From the last Wikimania in Hong Kong I have uploaded 900+ pictures, 124 of them are used 500 times in the projects – and ALL of them are actually manipulated. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but without any manipulation most of them are not really good. I will show that slight changes do improve the photographs without faking them.
The possibilities are endless, you can make extensive changes without changing the meaning of an image. But, at the same time, you can change the character and message of the photos radically with a few clicks. These changes are often feasible even for laymen.
You must not be a professional to be able to improve your photos. But you must be careful of not altering them too much. I will work with help of many examples and show the image processing functions live. This presentation is just intended to show what is possible, what you decide to make out of it is up to you. It is not my target to teach you how to do all that, since for that you need many weeks or months of exercise and experience, such an education is too much for Wikimania. On the other side, there are also things that will not work, and I will show them, including the methods of how to avoid such problems in the moment of taking the picture.
WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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coming later in Wikiversity and in London all materials on a USB Stick with Mediawiki to free copy
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need a dark room with video projector VGA

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