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CC Toolkits or how to bring Creative Commons to the masses
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Gino Cingolani (ginocingolani) & Billy Meinke from Creative Commons HQ
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The Creative Commons Toolkits are a set of written, audiovisual and interactive open contents made by the Global Affiliate Network of CC and they are designed to promote the concepts of open culture globally to a broad audience. This project was launched at the CC Global Summit 2013 in Buenos Aires as a way to strengthen and support the work of our affiliates network. The production process was distributed around the world with teams from Argentina, Nigeria, Paraguay, Poland and the United States working in Toolkits about Education, Government, Creative Industries, Science, GLAM and the Basics of CC. The materials were developed and curated in Hackathons (Web dev, graphic design, translation, research and content writing) organized in different cities and were held with the support of related organizations as the Wikimedia Foundation. Right now the project is in an advanced stage and by the time that this presentation will be given at Wikimania 2014 the Toolkits will already been released to the main public. We would like to showcase the final output of a full year of work and we expect to have some interesting conclusions and suggestions about: How to organize the production of big amounts of content in a distributed network, how to empower local teams to organize independently those events, what tools did we used (and enjoyed using!) to organize the production and most important: how we designed the Toolkits having people who are not yet involved with the open movement in mind. Sneak peek our work at and join us using #CCToolkits on Twitter!

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Presentation given at Creative Commons Summit 2013 launching the project:

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