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Authors we love – an ode to an endangered species on Wikipedia

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  • Dirk Franke
  • Frank Schulenburg
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  • Germany
  • Germany/United States
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  • Wikimedia Deutschland
  • Wiki Education Foundation
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In the early days of Wikipedia, everybody knew: authors are the backbone of our encyclopedia. Today, with a growing number of roles, organizations, committees, and meta-discussions, authors tend to be sidelined. They are simply taken as granted. Just take a look at the monthly and annual reports or blogs of different Wikimedia organizations and you will notice that the work of content producers is rarely being featured. The many activities that are happening on the meta-level seem to be more significant, more important to what some people call “the movement”.

In our presentation, we will make the case that paying more respect to the people who write Wikipedia is crucial for the survival of this “endangered species”. We will show examples of how people from different cultures and language communities work tirelessly on improving content in their specific areas of expertise. And we will also showcase a select number of mind-blowing articles that result from this effort.

Our presentation will not only pay respect to amazing individuals from different countries but also encourage people to rethink their attitude towards Wikipedia’s content-producers. We believe that if you truly recognize the work of these volunteers, great things can happen. But this is not the main reason for why we’d like to bring authors back to the center of everybody’s attention. The main reason is that these people simply deserve it. Because they’re awesome.


WikiCulture & Community

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30 minutes

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